a group of people standing around an airplane
Biman Bangladesh plane hijack

Biman Bangladesh plane forced to land in ‘hijack attempt’

  • Passenger on Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight tried to storm the plane's cockpit
  • Flight made an emergency landing at airport in Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • All 142 passengers are off the plane and a 25-year-old suspect has been arrested
a group of people standing around an airplane

A Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight to Dubai was forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger tried to hijack the plane by 'storming the cockpit with a gun'.

The Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight BG 147, which was on its way to the UAE from Dhaka, was surrounded by authorities as it landed at the Shah Amanat International Airport in the Bangladeshi coastal city of Chittagong.

All 142 passengers have disembarked from the flight safely.

'We have successfully rescued everyone,'

Army and police officers have cordoned off the aircraft and are talking to the suspected hijacker. It is not yet clear why the suspect tried to take control of the plane.


Update: The hijacker was shot and killed by Bangladesh commandos, and was carrying a fake gun.