Boeing postpones 777X rollout

Boeing has elected to postpone the highly anticipated rollout of the worlds largest and most efficient twinjet, the 777X, following the fatal crash of a four month old Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX.

Initially meant to be unveiled to the world on March 13th at Boeing’s Everett facility in Washington, the company has postponed both the unveiling and the media event on the 14th until further notice.

Rather than attracting a crowd of media at this unfortunate time, Boeing is focusing on supporting Ethiopian Airlines with the investigation as well as ongoing investigations around the similar crash of a Lion Air 737 MAX and an Amazon Prime Air 767 Freighter.

For media, plans will have to be adjusted to comply with a revised date that will be published once the heat surrounding Boeing has subsided.

Despite this announcement, Boeing stresses the flight test campaign will not be delayed and the aircraft is still on track to be handed over to launch airlines in 2020.