Flight recorders recovered from Boeing 737 MAX crash site

Authorities dealing with the recent crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX that claimed 157 lives have successfully recovered the two flight recorders from the crash site.

With both the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and Flight Data Recorder (FDR) now recovered, investigators can now commence the download and processing of the data, which will ultimately pave the way to determining what happened before the crash.

No official word has been released as to what condition the recorders are in, however there are unofficial statements circulating claiming they’re partially damaged.

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX involved in fatal crash

Crash site of Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX that operated ET302

In the mean time, Boeing is frantically dealing with investigators to provide assistance not only to Ethiopian Airlines, but also to the airlines that have elected to ground their fleet following the accident.

The Lion Air crash that also occurred with a brand-new Boeing 737 MAX is still being investigated, hence the uneasiness of passengers and airlines that’s becoming more evident.

Boeing shares have plummeted by 12 per cent, with the Financial Times saying it could potentially be the biggest fall for the company since the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks.. $28.1 billion has been wiped from Boeing’s market value following the accident.

For more information regarding the crash, see the following article:

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX involved in fatal crash

As more is uncovered about the crash, posts will be updated or added to this blog.