Zipair unveils aircraft livery and crew uniforms

Japan Airlines’ low-cost outlet Zipair has unveiled their aircraft livery and crew uniforms, marking another major leap forward before the airline launches in 2020.

Set to be featured on two Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners sourced from their mainline airline, Japan Airlines, the livery highlights their “Z_” trademark on the tail, which is supposed to be an “infinity blank” that highlights “the trueness of the ever-changing times and customers, to continue being an airline aiming for the future of the ultimate.”

Zipair unveils aircraft livery and crew uniforms

Zipair Livery Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

It’s immediately noticeable that the livery is a bit of a stand-out, especially in the age of classy, white liveries or lots of colour. The aviation community has regarded this livery as a bit of a step back in time, with slight hints of retro to it.

What are your thoughts on the livery?

The uniforms set to be worn by pilots, flight attendants and ground crew have been designed by Tara Horiuchi, who has gained worldwide attention for his work. Zipair notes the uniforms have been designed based on all work and environmental conditions, including work content, weather, mood and physical condition of the day.

Zipair unveils aircraft livery and crew uniforms

Zipair Uniforms

Rather than formal dress shoes, Taro and Zipair have elected to go for Velcro shoes that are reportedly a growing trend in Japan.

The following video presents the aircraft and uniforms:

Founded in 2019, Zipair Tokyo is a low-cost airline based at Tokyo Narita International Airport. Flights will commence from 2020 when two 787-8 Dreamliners have been configured to their specification and the appropriate legal processes are complete.

The first routes expected are Tokyo to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Tokyo to Seoul. Providing all goes well and they receive the right approval, flights to the US west coast are planned.

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