Summit Air plane crashes at Lukla Airport

A Summit Air Let L-410 Turbolet has crashed into a parked helicopter during its takeoff roll at Lukla Airport, leaving two killed and five injured.

The aircraft, registered 9B-AMH, was rolling down the runway when it suddenly yawed to the right, slamming into a Manang Air AS 350 B3e helicopter, bearing registration 9N-ALC. As a result of the impact, both of the aircraft were dragged down to a lower helipad where they both caught fire.

Images from the scene show how devastating the impact was:

The First Officer inside the Summit Air LET 410 was pronounced dead immediately following the arrival of rescue services. The captain of the Manang Air helicopter was airlifted to Kathmandu Grande Hospital, with reports stating one of his legs are in a serious condition as well as smaller injuries around his body.

Joining the injured are various crew members and a member of the police. Unfortunately the second casualty comes from a nearby sub inspector of the Nepal Police.

Witnesses describe the moment as sudden, with the rudder looking like it locked, leading to the collision.

More to come shortly…