Hello from sunny San Francisco! Today I am giving you a quick look at the Virgin Hotel San Francisco.

If you’re saying to yourself, I didn’t know Virgin had hotels, you’re not alone. This is just the 2nd property for Virgin in the United States, with the other property being in Chicago. That being said, Virgin is working towards expanding their hotel presence with 9 other properties planned through 2024. The Virgin Hotel San Francisco opened its doors just 2 months ago in mid February and is located at 250 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103 on the west side of the city, near union square.

Virgin has been doing a lot to grow its US presence with Virgin Voyages, the Virgin branded cruise line,  starting next year from Miami and Virgin Trains also in South Florida. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Virgin Hotel pop up in Miami soon either.

The Property

The hotel features 192 rooms that they call chambers and 2 Penthouse suites. There is also a lounge behind reception, a coffee shop (opening soon), lobby bar, mezzanine bar, full service restaurant, extensive gym, and rooftop bar (only open Tuesday – Saturday)

Virgin Hotel San Francisco Lobby Lounge

Virgin Hotel San Francisco Gym

Virgin Hotel San Francisco Commons Club Restaurant

Virgin Hotel San Francisco Lobby Bar

Virgin Hotel San Francisco Rooftop Bar

The Rooms

Rooms were fairly affordable with my 1 night stay coming in it at $200/night as a part of an opening promotion that also included breakfast. I booked just a standard king room.

The hotel really has designed nailed for this property, everything has really been thought out. The hallways were clean with bright red doors for each of the chambers. 

My one complaint for the property is the size of the rooms. When you open the door, the rooms enter into closet/bathroom. That being said the space is designed as such that you don’t feel that you are entering your room via bathroom.



The bedroom chamber is stunning as the leather headboard really adds to the style of the room.

To the left of the bed was a small working table and bench and an array of electrical/USB outlets.

Opposite the bed, when you thought the design couldn’t get any better there’s the awesome minibar and TV.

The minibar was stocked to perfection with cocktail mixes, laughing man coffee (owned by Hugh Jackman), harry’s razor blades and canned wine.

I know what you’re thinking, hotel mini bars are a total rip off, this wasn’t bad. Certainly not a deal but could be much higher.

The TV had some unique smart features like the ability to control temperature and came with a welcome message from Richard Branson recommending you not jump on the bed, in a joking manner.

In the bathroom, the loo was nothing special but the shower was gorgeous and had great water pressure and amazing amenities.

All the in room products were provided by red flower.

The room also had a vanity with a chair and of course a safe.

That has been your quick look at the Virgin Hotel San Francisco! I hope you liked it as much as I have been enjoying it. I could see myself having no trouble spending a very long weekend here. For any trips longer than that, I would prefer a room with more space. That being said the hotel does offer larger guest rooms.

What do you think of the Virgin Hotel San Francisco?