Air Mauritius Airbus A330neo
Air Mauritius Airbus A330neo

Air Mauritius receives first Airbus A330neo

Air Mauritius has received their first Airbus A330-900neo, making them the first airline to operate both the A330neo and A350 together.

In a delivery ceremony held in Toulouse France, Air Mauritus took delivery of the aircraft with media and executives attending. Rather than being purchased outright, Air Mauritius is leasing the aircraft from Air Lease Corporation.

Air Mauritius CEO, Somas Appavou, reflected on the delivery in the following statement:

“The A330neo offers similar levels of comfort as the A350 XWB, which has received very favourable feedback from our customers.”

He added:

“I strongly believe that with the addition of the A330neo to our fleet, Air Mauritius will further reinforce its focus and emphasis on the customer who are at the very core of our business model.”

Fitted with the Airspace by Airbus cabin, Air Mauritius has configured their A330neo in a two-class configuration. The following table breaks down the cabin:

Class Seat Count
Business 28
Economy 260

Following Airbus media tradition, an infographic on the aircraft was produced:

Air Mauritius receives first Airbus A330neo

Powered exclusively by two Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, the Airbus A330neo will fit Air Mauritius’ plans to fly the aircraft to Europe, India and Southeast Asia.

Additionally, regional destinations are in mind, with Johannesburg, Antananarivo and Réunion.

For those interested, you can watch the aircraft being put together here:

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