A Boeing 737 carrying 142 passengers and crew has ended up in St John’s River near Jacksonville, Florida after a landing mishap on Friday.

Flight LL293 departed Guantanamo Naval Station and was scheduled to arrive at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, however upon landing, slid off the end of the runway, subsequently leaving the aircraft in shallow waters.

Authorities in the area note the aircraft encountered nasty weather on approach and are now working to secure the scene.

Registered N732MA, the aircraft is an 18 year old Boeing 737-800 that’s flown with various airlines around the world. At the time of this incident, the aircraft was in the hands and colors of Miami Air International.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office released a statement on Twitter with pictures stating every person is alive and accounted for.


21 adults have been transported to local hospitals with minor injuries. There are no reports of anything serious as of yet.

This is a developing story. More to come shortly.

Feature Image: Action News Jax