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Aeroflot passenger aircraft has burst into flames on the runway of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport after making an emergency landing.

SU1492 from Moscow to Murmansk declared a general emergency shortly after taking off from Sheremetyevo Airport and returned to the airport. This flight was operated by a Sukhoi Superjet 100-95B with registration RA-89098.

BREAKING NEWS: Aeroflot aircraft on fire after emergency landing at Moscow SVO airport
Playback of flight SU1492

In the video below you can see the aircraft landing with huge flames engulfing the rear of the aircraft:

Russian Media initially said there were 77 people on-board (73 passengers and 5 crew) and that there were around 7 injured. We are now hearing conflicting reports that there may be fatalities. Reuters says that the cause of the emergency landing was due to a fire on board.

UPDATE 1: Russian news agency TASS reports at least 13 people died in this accident.

UPDATE 2: Images of SU1492 after the fire was extinguished.

UPDATE 3: Reuters is now reporting 41 people have died in the accident.

UPDATE 4: Video from inside the aircraft as it went down:

WARNING: Graphic footage. Sounds of distressed passengers are present in this clip. Do not watch if you are uncomfortable with the content.

Aeroflot has published a list of passengers that survived the crash:

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Our thoughts and prayers all with all those on board and who are affected.