Fuel truck hits Jazz Dash 8 in Toronto
Fuel truck hits Jazz Dash 8 in Toronto

Fuel truck hits Air Canada Express Dash 8 in Toronto

9 May 2019 – Five people were injured during the collision of an Air Canada Express – Jazz Aviation Bombardier Dash 8-300 (Reg: C-FJXZ) and a fuel tanker truck at Toronto’s Pearson International airport.

The aircraft involved in the incident took off from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Sudbury Airport (flight QK8615) but turned back to Pearson after 2 hours and 50 minutes of flight due to foggy conditions in the northern Ontario city.

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At 1:36 am of Friday, May 10, after clearance to taxi to the gate a fuel truck collided with the aircraft causing substantial damages in the nose, left fuselage and the left-hand propeller.
Onboard the aircraft were 50 passengers and three crew members.

The plane’s two pilots, a flight attendant and two passengers were treated for injuries and taken to the hospital.

Passengers reported that the aircraft suddenly spun 180 degrees and came to stop, then the smell of fuel occurred in the cabin causing panic and a rapid evacuation. After jumping out of the aircraft a lot of fuel was seen on the tarmac.

Paul Frontczak, a passenger onboard the aircraft told to CBC what happened:

“We were approaching the terminal and on the left side, I looked out, and a large vehicle was barrelling — it appeared parallel to us, but suddenly, bang!”

“It stopped pretty quickly, but then we started to smell aviation fuel and that’s when panic started.”

In the photo bellow its possible to see the damages:

According to Peel Regional Police Sgt. Bancroft Wright, the fuel truck driver has been charged with dangerous driving.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) has deployed a team of investigators to the airport.