During the 2019 Airbus Innovation Days, Airbus announced that they have unlocked additional performance from The A220, previously known as the CSeries, developed by Bombardier.

From 2020, both the A220-100 and A220-300 will be receiving additional range, thanks to a maximum takeoff weight increase of 2.3 metric tonnes.

Looking at the table below, we can see the new capabilities of what was already a superbly versatile aircraft:

AircraftExisting Range (nm)Upgraded Range (nm)

“In true Airbus tradition we improve our products constantly. This new MTOW will allow operators to reach markets which today cannot be served by other small single-aisle types.”

Christian Scherer – Chief Commercial Officer, Airbus
Airbus announces A220 performance upgrade
A220 performance upgrade infographic

Airbus notes that since the entry into service of the A220, almost three years ago, the aircraft has performed up to advertised standards and in some cases exceeded them.

Using the latest advances in engineering and the clean-sheet, digital design of the aircraft, Airbus was able to make use of structural and system margins, as well as making better use of fuel systems.

With 530 aircraft on order, Airbus expects the A220 will win the majority of the predicted 7000 aircraft required for the 100-150 seat market.