In the past, we have seen a good number of airlines offering discounts when redeeming miles for award flights, including: Singapore Airlines, Air France, Qatar Airways, etc. They will reduce the number of miles needed to redeem tickets on selected routes. However, American carriers rarely offer such deals. Now, American Airlines is having a discount for those redeeming tickets to or from Europe this summer.

The Deal

  • Routes: US to/from Europe
  • Time: Aug 1 – Aug 28 to Europe; Aug 1 – Sep 18 from Europe
  • Class: Business Class AAnytime Award
  • Cost: 85,000 miles one-way instead of 110,000

How to Find This Deal?

This deal can be easily found on using their own search tool. For example, if you are looking for a discounted award ticket for travel from Los Angeles to London, type in the departure city and the arrival city then select “One way” and “Redeem miles” next, select a date within the discount period and click the “Search” button.

That should lead you directly to the “Choose flights” page with all the available flights for award tickets. Choose those Business Class tickets with only 85K miles and book.

What is the Business Class Product Like?

American Airlines’ long-haul fleet flying to Europe includes Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and Airbus A330. For different seat products you can refer to Steven’s article and for service details you can refer to Sam’s video below.

Bottom Line

This is a great offer for those holding American Airlines miles and travelling to or from Europe. The cost after discount, 85K miles, is only 10K more compared to the cost of Premium Economy Class on the same flights.

Do you think 85K is more reasonable compared to the original 110K cost? If so, are you planning to take advantage of this deal?