Airbus has launched their highly anticipated, extended range version of their A321neo, the A321XLR, securing orders from multiple customers globally.

Following positive feedback from airlines around the world, Airbus has worked to increase the capabilities of the A321neo. Initially offering the A321LR, which has proven successful, the company now has the A321XLR on offer.

Thanks to a Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) increase to 101t and additional fuel tanks situated in the center and rear, the aircraft now has the ability to fly 4,700 nautical miles (8,700km), which is a 15 per cent increase over the A321LR.

Paris 2019: Airbus launches A321XLR

Additionally, Airbus has strengthened the landing gear and its surrounding structure and optimized the wing trailing-edge flap configuration to reduce the need for an engine thrust increase and retain the same takeoff performance.

Powered by the Pratt and Whitney Geared Turbofan engine or CFM LEAP, the aircraft is 30 per cent more efficient than previous generation competing aircraft, likely being the Boeing 757.

Airbus notes the aircraft will be able to open up new routes such as India to Europe or China to Australia whilst carrying 180-220 seats comfortably in their Airspace cabin.

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Paris 2019: Airbus launches A321XLR