Adding to its already impressive A320neo order book, Airbus has successfully pulled in two customers for additional aircraft and conversions.


Starting with AirAsia, the airline announced its decision to convert 253 Airbus A320neo aircraft to the larger A321neo variant in response to the increasing demand around their network.

Paris 2019: Airbus pulls in enormous A320neo figure

According to Airbus’ media release, AirAsia has placed total orders for 592 A320 Family aircraft. After this up-sizing, AirAsia’s backlog with Airbus includes 353 A321neo.

AirAsia were reportedly in talks for the A321XLR, no discussion has been presented by Airbus. It’s unknown if the order breakdown will comprise of A321 sub-variants.

Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Arabian Airlines announced at the Paris Airshow today, their decision to expand their A320neo Family aircraft order to as many as 100 aircraft, including 35 options.

Paris 2019: Airbus pulls in enormous A320neo figure

The additional firm order takes Saudi Arabian Airlines’ total order to 65 aircraft, of which, 15 are the recently launched A321XLR.

Again, Saudi Arabian Airlines based this decision on the increasing traffic within its network and surrounds.

The show so far

Two days in and we’re clearly seeing Airbus’ success with the orders. Likely strained by the ongoing 737 MAX crisis, Boeing has only come out with a handful of orders, albeit the recent Korean Air 787 deal was a strong win.

With reports spreading that American Airlines is preparing for a significant A321XLR order, the scheme isn’t looking so great for Boeing.

However, with five days to go, it’s still to far too early to call this show a “failure” for the company. After all, any order is still a positive and attendance is important for rebuilding trust with the public.

Who will dominate the 2019 Paris Airshow?

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Paris 2019: Airbus pulls in enormous A320neo figure