For years, Cathay Pacific has been recognised as having an outstanding Business Class product. While they do offer great hard products on most aircraft, I do not find their service to be exceptional.

Last year Cathay Pacific reorganised their meal service procedures, all long-haul flights currently are using this new procedure. However, the quality and quantity of the catering are still not as good as expected.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Catering
Cathay Pacific Business Class Catering
Cathay Pacific Business Class Catering

Additionally, when traveling on Cathay Pacific’s long-haul flights with the Boeing B777-300ER aircraft, there is only a limited chance you will get Wi-Fi connectivity. To be disconnected from the internet for more than 15 hours can be tough nowadays.

There are however finally some improvements. South China Morning Post reports earlier that Cathay Pacific will be offering mattresses and slippers in Business Class starting October 2019. In First Class, passengers can expect a thicker mattress compared to the current one.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Duvet
Cathay Pacific Business Class Pillow

This is not a huge move, however; it is just that Cathay Pacific is catching up with other five-star airlines in Asia, like Hainan Airlines. Those airlines have been offering these two amenities for a long time.

Cathay Pacific is also going to upgrade the in-flight entertainment displays from HD to 4K and start offering new amenity kits.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Display
Cathay Pacific Business Class Amenity Kit
Cathay Pacific Business Class Amenity Kit

Bottom Line

It is great to see Cathay Pacific decide to make some changes to their Business Class product. However the latest update is not anything shocking, they are just doing some basic things. We hope there are to be more exceptional upgrades on the Business Class product, Cathay Pacific says they will announce further news later this year.

How do you feel about Cathay Pacific’s Business Class product? What changes are you expecting?