Delta Air Lines is introducing a wholly reinvented Main Cabin experience – featuring free “Welcome Aboard” cocktails, hot towel service and mix-and-match options for premium appetizers and larger entrees. This elevated experience will be introduced on international flights of over 6.5 hours, plus select shorter flights where Delta One and Delta Premium Select are offered.

Here is a run down of the reinvented Main Cabin experience:

Delta has been testing this new concept for over a year on their Portland to Tokyo Narita flight. Check out the press release video where the passengers and cabin crew expressed their thoughts on the new service.

Summary: What Has Been Done So Far for The Main Cabin?

Past Several YearsMoving Forward (in addition)
Free Main Cabin meals on selected domestic coast to coast routes” Welcome aboard” bellini cocktails to start
Free mobile messaging and free in-flight entertainmentHot towels
Upgraded Main Cabin Snacks and addition of sparkling wine as a complimentary Main Cabin beverage on international flightsPlacemats for meals and mix-and-match options for appetizers and entrees
Access to Wifi on nearly all flights. and refreshed Flight Fuel food-for-purchase options.Desserts will be served separately after the meal and pre-landing chocolates will be distributed


When it comes to cabin services, more is more, isn’t it?! It is great to see how Delta is stepping up its game on its Economy Class service. But the greedy of us will only be truly amazed if there is new seat design on Delta‘s Economy Class, considering how high the Asian and Middle Eastern airlines have been setting the bar. Will this come soon? I doubt it, Delta is not in a full on head to head competition with them.

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