Singapore Airlines Spontaneous Escape
Singapore Airlines Spontaneous Escape

Review: Singapore Airlines New Business Class A380 Zurich to Singapore

I travelled in Singapore Airlines latest A380 Business Class product from Zurich to Singapore at the end of June. Here are the flight details:

  • Flight: SQ345 Zurich to Singapore
  • Reg: 9V-SKV
  • Seat: 91D Business Class

Singapore Airlines uses the SWISS Business Class lounge at E-Gate area, which boasts a fantastic view of the apron from the outdoor section. I spent the majority of my time here before my flight, enjoying some fresh air and getting in some plane spotting.

a person sitting on a bench looking out over a runway
Outdoor terrace at SWISS Business Class Lounge at Zurich E-Gate
people sitting on a deck with a plane on the runway
Outdoor terrace at SWISS Business Class Lounge at Zurich E-Gate
airplanes at an airport
Outdoor terrace at SWISS Business Class Lounge at Zurich E-Gate

After boarding, I walked all the way to the rear section on the upper deck of the A380; my seat was a bulkhead seat, 91D, which could be requested at check-in, if it is not available earlier. The bulkhead seat offers extra room for leg rest, which is quite important for a long haul flight.

The best Business Class seats on Singapore Airlines new A380 are in rows 11, 91 and 96; all of which have extra leg room. These seats can be requested at check-in if not available earlier.

an airplane with rows of seats
Singapore Airlines new Business Class on A380

There are a lot of cool features on the NEW Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class seat. The privacy is excellent (as it should be) but I did notice that it is not as wide as the old Business Class, which I actually quite miss....

a purple seat with a pillow
Arm rest can be folded down on both sides.

One slight concern was that my arm keep hitting these control buttons (including accidentally pressing the call button).

a close up of a seat

Singapore Airlines do not give out amenity kits in Business Class. You'll find an eye shade and a pair of slippers already placed on the seat. Flight attendants also came round to offer additional amenities during boarding. You'll also find some of these amenities in the bathroom.

We had a delay in ATC clearance, due to the tension in the Persian Gulf. This flight was taken at the time when a drone was shot down and a lot of airlines were avoided flying through the Hormuz Strait. We eventually got the clearance after 1.5 hours waiting on the ground.

a map of the world with a route
Flight path of my flight, avoiding the Persian Gulf area.

After takeoff, lunch was served from the following menu.

a menu of a restaurant

The canape was the famous Singapore chicken and beef satay.

a plate of food and a glass of juice

The appetiser was Parma ham, pork-pistachio terrine with salad dressing which was excellent.

a plate of food on a table

For the main course there were four choices. I initially chose the braised veal cheek but later swapped to an Asian dish, Kung Pao Chicken, which was excellent. The catering came from Gate Gourmet in Zurich.

a plate of food on a table
a plate of food on a table
a plate of food with a fork and knife
a bowl of ice cream with a chocolate bar on top

Lunch was served efficiently and at a good pace; it took just under 2 hours to finish. The crew did a fantastic job, despite the flight being totally full.

I've noticed lot of airlines take much longer and are less co-ordinated in serving when they have a full flight, but not on Singapore Airlines.

It was time to: recline the seat, relax and watch a movie on this day time departure long haul flight. The TV monitor in the bulkhead row was mounted slightly higher than my eye level, so I had to either seat up a bit or look up a little to watch.

a man lying in a chair in an airplane
a bed with a pillow and a pillow in a room
Excellent leg rest in seat 91D.
a group of bottles of hand lotion
Bathroom amenity on Singapore Airlines Business Class

During half way, I had the BBQ pork (char siew) noodle, even though this is not on the snack menu the crew on Singapore Airlines had no problem with me ordering this.

a bowl of soup with meat and vegetables
a menu of a restaurant

The noon departure flight from Europe to Asia is hard for the body to adjust to; sleeping during an entire day time flight is also difficult.

The flight departed around 13:30, with 12 hours flying time this meant we would be landing in Singapore around 01:30 Central European time. On this flight I only slept about 1 hour, which was not great. After 10 hours, just about as I was getting sleepy and tired, the breakfast service started.

a menu of a restaurant
a plate of fruit and croissant on a table
a tray of food on a tray
a plate of food on a table
Braised Chinese style beef noodle

At the end of the flight, the captain filled out my log book. Here you can see the data.

a close up of a notebook

Pros and Cons of The New Business Class Seat


  • Great privacy throughout, even when sitting in a middle seat with a neighbour next to you.
  • Great pair seating in the middle seats (you can lower the privacy screen all the way to the leg level).
  • Direct aisle access.


  • Less wide than the previous Business Class seat on the A380
  • Apart from the bulkhead seat, the footwell is too small for a decent rest; you tend to sleep in an unusual "Z" position.
  • Your arm could accidentally hit the call button, which is very close to the arm rest.

Final Verdict

Despite some pros and cons on the new seat, the service on my flight was absolutely stellar! The crew were efficient and attentive. On one occasion, they even noticed my slipper didn't quite fit my large feet and came to offer a bigger size slipper. Despite this being a nearly entire day time flight for my body clock, I felt quite relaxed during the flight in my own private cocoon. I am certainly looking forward to my next Singapore Airlines flight.