From now to 8th August 2019, purchase up to 50,000 Aegean miles and receive 50% bonus. If you max out this promotion, you can purchase each mile at 1.67 Euro cents (1.85 US cents). To purchase, login to your Miles+Bonus account to see the offer.

Maximum Miles You Can Buy Per Year

  • 50,000 pre bonus miles if you have some activity in the account in the past year, otherwise
  • 30,000 pre bonus miles

Why Should I Buy Aegean Miles?

a table with numbers and letters

The above chart represents the Aegean‘s Star Alliance award round trip redemption rates. (divide by 2 for one way redemption rates).

Some ideas for redemption:

  • One way Business Class for 45,000 miles and First Class for 75,000 miles between North America and Europe/North Africa
  • One way Business Class for 75,000 miles between North America and Asia
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General Rule of Thumb When Buying Aegean Miles

  • Aegean charges fuel surcharges for redemption for some carriers. (aside from)
  • Do some “window shopping” to assess whether certain airlines and flights have healthy award availability. This gives you an idea or certain confidence level as to whether you should buy miles for your planned travels.
  • Purchasing Aegean miles should be considered as airfare spending as Aegean processes mileage purchase directly.