From now until 31st August 2019, American Airlines is offering up to 85,000 bonus miles + 10% discount when you purchase Aadvantage Miles. Here are the details:

To push the cost to its lowest, you need to buy exactly 150,000 miles in order to purchase 1.84 US cents/mile (235,000 AAdvantage Miles for $4,318.81)

Things to Note Before You Purchase Miles

  • AAdvantage accounts must be more than 29 days old.
  • A maximum of 150,000 miles can be purchased per calendar year in any one account.

Should I Buy Miles Now?

PeriodUS Cents Per Mile
Aug 20191.84
July 20191.72
June 20191.72
May 2019 1.72
March to April 20191.92
Feb 20191.72
Jan 20191.72

From the table above, you probably would have come to the conclusion that you should not use this chance to buy AAdvantage miles now. Nevertheless, I will not strongly advise against buying miles at 1.84 US cents/mile, you can still get a cheap First/Business Class ticket:

  • One way between US and Asia on Cathay Pacific Business Class for 70,000 miles ($1,288)
  • One way between US and Middle East on Qatar Airways Business Class for 70,000 miles ($1,288)
  • One way between Europe and Middle East on Qatar Airways Business Class for 57,500 miles ($782)
  • One way between Asia and Middle East on Etihad First Class for 50,000 miles ($920)


While there is a high probability that AAdvantage miles will be selling at 1.72 US cents again, I would not stop you from buying miles through this promotion. It is still a cheap First/Business Class ticket, especially when compared to the conventional way of booking a revenue ticket directly. Do note that it will be American Airlines that will be processing this transaction. It is advisable to use a credit card that gives you good miles for airfare purchases.