A Boeing 737-800 of S7 Airlines, registration VQ-BKV and performing flight S7-263 from Moscow Domodedovo to Simferopol, almost ran out of runway during takeoff. After it overran the end of the runway 32L the aircraft continued the scheduled flight and landed in Simferopol 2:10 hours later.

A later runway inspection at Moscow Domodedovo Airport found that five lighting units were destroyed during the takeoff, with broken glass scattered all around. After arriving in Simferopol, the 737 was submitted to an inspection that showed three tyres had been damaged and the landing gear had glass embedded.

S7 Boeing 737 Overran Runway During Takeoff
S7 Boeing 737 Flight Route (By FlightRadar24)

The cause of this incident is not yet confirmed; some Russian Aviation websites report that the crew computed takeoff performance using a takeoff weight 15 tons below the real weight, another claims the crew inadvertently entered Zero Fuel Weight instead of the Takeoff Weight.

The incident, which could have ended in a tragedy for the 150 people on board, occurred early on Monday and was caught on the CCTV cameras of Domodedovo airport. The Russian website BECTN.RU disclosed the video:

Update: Moscow Domodedovo Airport Press Office have commented below:
As a result of the occasion, no elements of lighting units were found on the runway as it spread outside of the movement area. The airport continued to function normally. The situation didn’t affect take-offs and landings at the airport.

Feature Image by Marvin Mutz