A hard landing has resulted in a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 receiving significant damage to its fuselage and structural components.

The aircraft, registered N543US, was performing flight DL414 from New York JFK to Ponta Delgada when, upon landing, the aircraft sustained significant damage.

Photos show the hard landing left creases in the upper and lower fuselage sections around the nose and main landing gear.

Hard Landing Damages Delta Air Lines Boeing 757
Hard Landing Damages Delta Air Lines Boeing 757
Upper fuselage creases

It’s also being reported that damage is present on the wings, which apparently have creases and rips on the upper and lower skin.

The aircraft was taxied to its required location and was subject to an inspection to determine the result of the landing.

No passengers or crew sustained injuries but it’s safe to say the aircraft won’t be flying anytime soon. At 23.3 years of age, it’s unlikely Delta will pay for the extensive repairs required.

For those interested in the METAR data:

LPPD 180830Z 04012KT 020V080 9999 FEW010 SCT040 21/17 Q1020=
LPPD 180800Z 04013KT 9999 FEW010 SCT040 21/17 Q1020=

Passengers scheduled on the return flight were provided with a replacement Boeing 757-200, registered N538US.

Information sourced from The Aviation Herald