A maintenance mishap has left an Emirates Airbus A380-800 with serious damage to its nose and surrounding structure.

The aircraft, registered A6-EOP, was undergoing a routine maintenance check when the aircraft collapsed onto its nose.

Occurring at an Emirates maintenance hangar at Dubai International Airport, the accident has left the aircraft with a torn/crumpled fuselage and structural damage.

Maintenance Mishap Damages Emirates A380

It’s understood the aircraft slipped off a hydraulic jack, crushing the nose, gear doors and jamming the gear assembly upwards.

Once raised off the ground, a thorough check will be conducted to determine the full extent of the damage.

Built in 2015, as MSN200, the aircraft has actively been in service with the airline, powering through the skies with four Engine Alliance GP7200 engines.

A6-EOP at Birmingham

No injuries have been reported so far, however as more information is provided this post will be updated.


It’s being recorded that this accident happened on the 22nd of August and may have been caused by a gear retraction without the pin in place.

Information sourced from Twitter and the Aviation Safety Network.