The Alaska Mileage Plan is running another promotion again, now offering up to 50% bonus miles this time round. If purchased by 14th September 11:59 PST, you may be able to purchase each mile at 1.97 US cents.

The Alaska Mileage Plan is one of my most favourite frequent flyer programmes, where you can score really good Business/First Class flights when you redeem your tickets with them. In this post, I will be focusing on this promotion. Click on this link here to find out why you too should love the Alaska Mileage Plan.

A Quick Summary For This Promotion

  • Purchase limit: up to 150k miles including bonus miles within a year.
  • You need to have opened an Alaska Mileage Plan account for at least 10 days before you can buy Alaska Miles.
Buy 10,000 – 19,000 milesGet a 20% bonus
(2.46 US cents)
Buy 20,000 – 39,000 milesGet a 35% bonus
(2.19 US cents)
Buy 40,000 – 60,000 milesGet a 50% bonus 
(1.97 US cents)

Click here to buy Alaska Miles for up to a 50% bonus. Offer ends by 14th September.

Historical Price Offered in the Past Promotions (1 Year Time Frame)

For regular followers, you will probably have noticed that the Alaska Mileage Plan runs regular promotions. The table below shows the price (US cent per mile) over the past year.

Past promotionsUS cents per mileEvaluation
July to August 2019 – up to 50% Bonus1.97 centsLowest
July 2019 – 15% Bonus2.57 centsHighest
June 2019 – 30% discount2.07 centsMid – Range
April to May 2019 – 50% bonus1.97 centsLowest
March 2019 – 40% bonus2.11 centsMid – Range
Jan to Feb 2019 – 40% bonus2.11 centsMid – Range
Nov to Dec 2018 – 50% bonus1.97 centsLowest
Oct 2018 – 40% bonus sales2.11 centsMid – Range
Aug to Oct 2018 – 50% bonus1.97 centsLowest
May to July 2018 – 40% bonus1.97 centsLowest

This is by far the cheapest promotion yet (assuming you are being offered the 50% bonus in miles). You may want to consider stocking up your miles for future flight redemption.

Click here to buy Alaska Miles for up to 50% bonus. Offer ends by 14th September.

Why The Alaska Mileage Plan is my Favourite Frequent Flyer Program

  • Free stopovers for one-way or return tickets
  • Redemption on unique airlines. Examples:
  • Aer LingusFiji AirwaysIcelander Air
  • Great redemption rates on First and Business Class. Examples:
    • Cathay Pacific First Class from US to Asia for 70k miles one way ($1,379)
    • Hainan/Cathay Pacific Business Class from US to Asia for 50k miles one way ($985)
    • Qantas Business Class from US to Australia for 55 k miles one way ($1,083.50)

Sweet Spot on Alaska Mileage Plan


This is the best time to buy and stock up Alaska miles, especially if you are being offered the 50% bonus. Click on this link here to learn how to use your Alaska Mileage Plan. Also, share with us your favourite Alaska miles redemption in the comment section below!