XL Airways Stops Selling Tickets

XL Airways Stops Selling Tickets

France is losing another airline company. Earlier this month, on September 6th, Aigle Azur suspended all their flights. There are several takeover bids and the fate of the airline will be decided on September 27th. While that one is still unfinished, another airline is following its fate.

XL Airways Stops Selling Tickets

Earlier today, XL Airways has put a piece of news on its website. Let us take a look.

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XL Airways News

Due to financial difficulties, XL Airways is stopping selling tickets. While the news did not say specifically how many flights will be canceled, we can expect there are going to be a lot.

XL Airways

XL Airways, formerly Star Airlines, is a French airline based in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. It flies mainly to long-haul destinations. Here is a list:

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XL Airways Destinations

Currently, there are 3 Airbus A330-200s and 1 Airbus A330-300 in its fleet. All of these aircraft have only Economy Class seats. Additionally, there are 2 Airbus A330-900neo’s ordered and scheduled to deliver from 2020.

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XL Airways Fleet

Next Step for Passengers

If you are holding an XL Airways’ ticket, you may want to monitor your flight now. In case it got canceled by the airline, contact them immediately to see whether you can change to a flight operated by another airline or at least get a refund.

Things can get a little easier if you are traveling in the next few days and your flight still appears to be scheduled. The airline is not suspending all the flights at this time. As they are not selling tickets anymore, you may even expect to get many empty seats on the plane.

However, things can get complicated if you are traveling in more than a week from now. The airline will go into receivership tomorrow and potential buyers have until September 27th to express interest. French media believed that the airline only has enough cash to operate through September 26th. At this time, if your flight is not canceled, there is not much you can do other than keep monitoring. Try to hold off on booking other things and figure out an alternative travel plan.

Bottom Line

It is sad to see XL Airways finally falling after years of struggling financially. Ticket prices in those market XL Airways served may get more expensive as there is now less competition.

What are your thoughts on XL Airways stop selling tickets?