Singapore Airlines Spontaneous Escape
Singapore Airlines Spontaneous Escape

Alaska Mileage Plan Ceased Free Stopover For Intra-Asia Flight Redemption

A few days after the incorporating of Singapore Airlines as Alaska’s redemption partner, the Alaska Mileage Plan ceased their free stopover for Intra-Asia flight redemption.

This is a huge disappointment to any mile-gamers. Let us recall some great redemption opportunities that no longer exist:

1) No Longer Available: Intra-Asia “Round Trip” Business Class on Japan Airlines with 25,000 miles instead of 50,000 miles.

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A one-way Intra-Asia Business Class on Japan Airlines cost 25,000 miles. Back then, with the free stopover, you could do a “round trip” Intra-Asia Business Class for 25,000 miles.

To achieve this, there was one ground rule to remember – you cannot start and end your journey in the same destination.

Suppose you are based in Singapore, you could try the following routing:

  • Singapore – Tokyo – Bangkok/Kuala Lumpur/Ho Chi Minh/Jakarta
  • Bangkok/Kuala Lumpur/Ho Chi Minh/Jakarta – Tokyo – Singapore
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However, this kind of routing with a stopover in Japan is no longer bookable as Alaska Mileage Plan has ceased free stopover with Intra-Asia redemptions.

2) No Longer Available: Intra-Asia “Round Trip” First Class and Business Class on Singapore Airlines with 35,000miles and 25,000 miles, respectively

Singapore Airlines Business Class Deal

A few days ago, you could have redeemed the following routing with a stopover in Singapore:

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Now that this is no longer applicable, redemption rates to China have also increased. Previously priced at 25,000 miles for Business Class and 35,000 miles for First Class, the rate has increased to the following:

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Some Other Sweet Spots in The Alaska Mileage Plan

Although the free stopover for Intra-Asia redemption no longer exists, there are still some sweet spots in the Alaska Mileage Plan :

  • Between Asia and North America for 50k miles on Cathay Pacific Business Class ($1,055 @ 2.11 US cent/mile) and 70k miles on Japan Airlines First Class ($1,477 @ 2.11 US cent/mile).
  • Between Australia/New Zealand and North America for 55k miles on Qantas Business Class ($1,066 @ 2.11 US cent/mile) and Qantas First Class for 70k miles ($1,477 @ 2.11 US cent/mile).

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