According to a German aviation forum Lufthansa may be making some unwelcome changes to their Premium Economy and Economy Class service, starting from 28th November 2019.

Here are some changes that we are likely to expect:

  • For long haul flights, with a block time over 10 hours, Lufthansa will only be offering a single option cold vegetarian snack, instead of a small tray with hot item for their pre-landing meal (A noticeable downgrade from a second proper meal).
  • For mid haul flights, Lufthansa will be replacing their warm/cold pre-landing snack boxes to small and cold vegetarian snacks.
  • Headphones will be replaced by a light disposable earphone, which will help Lufthansa to cut 175 tons of jet fuel and 500 tons of CO2 emission per year
  • All Economy Class passengers will receive half a litre water bottle in future.

As this is not from a media release from Lufthansa, we should not fully rely on this piece of information. I am doubtful that Lufthansa will make any official announcement should they really implement these changes.

If you are booked on these flights from 28th November, let us know if you found any noticeable changes.

Lufthansa Strike on 7th and 8th November

In case if you are not in the loop, Lufthansa will be cancelling 1300 flights across the next two days due to a strike called by a flight attendant union (UFO). Affected passengers should be entitled to EU261 compensation as these flights have not been cancelled at least 14 days in advance.

Whether your flight is cancelled or not Lufthansa passengers travelling through Munich or Frankfurt on these 2 days can rebook their flights at zero charges, subject to availability.

Additionally, for domestic flights, passengers may choose to convert their flight tickets to Deutsche Bahn train tickets in the “My Bookings” section at Lufthansa webpage.

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AirHelp can help you if you have a flight disruption within the EU (on any airline), leaving the EU (on any airline) or arriving into EU (on EU airline).

The European Regulation EC261 rule is an extensive bit of legislation which requires airlines to compensate passengers in the event of:

  • Denied boarding
  • Flight cancellation
  • Long delay of flights (three or more hours)

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