British Airways Executive Club is now offering 50% bonus Avios when you purchase at least 1000 Avios. If purchased by 21st November, you will be able to buy each mile at 1.2 Euro cents! Here are the details:

  • Depending on your registered address in your account, you will be either offered Euro, USD or Pounds.
  • You will get the cheapest rate (1.2 euro cents) if you are being offered in Euro. Otherwise, you will be paying 1.84 US cents if you are being offered in USD.
  • Typically, you can only purchase up to 100,000 Avios in a calendar year. For this promotion, the pre bonus miles are capped at 200,000 Avios (260,000 Avios in total).

Click here to purchase your Avios.

Is it Worth Buying Avios?

The best way to spend your British Airways Avios is to redeem Premium Cabin flights on Intra-Asia routes on Partner Airlines and Intra-Europe routes on British Airways, as other options come with a high surcharge. Here are some of the sweet spots on which to redeem your British Airways Avios:

a) Hong Kong to Tokyo (4hrs) on Japan Airlines Business Class at 22,000 Avios

If you are purchasing at 1.2 euro centsIf you are purchasing at 1.84 US cnts

b) Singapore to Hong Kong (4hrs) on Cathay Pacific Business Class at 22,000 Avios

If you are purchasing at 1.2 euro centsIf you are purchasing at 1.84 US cents

One Last Note: Avios 10-50% Redemption Sales on British Airways Flights

While I generally do not prefer to redeem British Airways Avios on British Airways flight, due to high fuel surcharge, the current Avios redemption sale is something worth considering. Here are the details:

  • 50% Avios discount in Economy Class and Premium Economy Class
  • 10% Avios discount in Business and First Class
  • Discount is valid for one-way or round trip, subject to availability.
  • Travel is between now to 30th April 2020. Booking must be made by 21st November.
  • Award tickers are refundable and changeable, subject to the usual service fee.

If you are travelling between Singapore to Sydney, here are some attractive redemption rates (one way) if you managed to secure a 10-50% discount.

PeakOff Peak
Economy (50% off)10k6.5k
Premium Economy (50% off)20k13k
Business (10% off)54k45k
First (10% off)72k61.2k

As mentioned earlier, British Airways charges a high fuel surcharge for British Airways flights out of Europe. Following the example above, redeeming one way Singapore to Sydney on British Airways will also cost you an extra $156 for taxes and surcharge.

Hence, I wont recommend you purchase Avios at 1.2 Euro cents/ 1.84US cents per Avio just to redeem discounted British Airways flights. It is better off to just buy revenue tickets. You should only redeem British Airways flights using free Avios that you have collected through flying or credit cards.

If you are looking to travel on Partner Airlines, you should then consider purchasing Avios at 1.2 Euro cents/1.84US cents.