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Paying For Your Next Expensive Airline Ticket Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Going on vacation is great, but paying for your vacation is never fun. The whole process just became a whole lot easier as United Airlines has started offering a new way for customers to pay. As of this week United became the first major airline to off a monthly payment solution to all of its 350 destinations, which is powered by travel technology start-up, Uplift.

What is Uplift?

Uplift is the only point of sale integrated financing company exclusively focused within the travel industry. They make it easy for consumers to budget, buy and experience the travel they want.

Uplift offers customers the ability to finance their trip over 12 easy payments; with a down payment required at the time of booking, then 11 equal remaining payments.

Uplift CEO Brian Barth said “Our mission to make travel more accessible, affordable and rewarding for everyone perfectly aligns with United’s purpose of connecting people and uniting the world,”

Barth continued “Travel has become a fundamental part of our lives and consumers today demand more flexibility. We’re excited to help more people experience the world with this partnership with United.”

How to use Uplift on United’s site

Using the new Uplift option on the United website is almost no different from what you are already used to. After selecting your flights, you’ll see your estimated monthly payments below the total. This is typically based around a 15% APR.

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To continue with Uplift, just get all the way to the payment screen where you will click the button for Uplift to begin the application process.

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Getting approved for Uplift is instant. They will either pre-approve you or not. There is no waiting for a decision like when applying for some credit cards.

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Why I like Uplift

Besides being able to pay just $229 today for a Business Class ticket from Amsterdam to Hawaii, Uplift might be the most consumer friendly financing company I have ever seen.

  • There is only a soft credit check to look at your rate
  • Uplift Pay Monthly plans are typically cheaper than a credit card, especially considering compounding interest
  • Plans can be for as little as $500, up to $15,000
  • You get to travel now and continue paying when you get back
  • Uplift never charges you to pay off your plan early

You can find a list of other Uplift partners on their website at Uplift.com

Would you consider Uplift for your next vacation?