Air Mauritius A330-900neo

At the end of September, I flew Air Mauritius's A330-900neo from London Heathrow to Mauritius.

My flight, MK53, departed from Heathrow Terminal 4; it is operated as 3B-NBV and is named Chagos Archipelago. Air Mauritius premium passengers can use the Plaza Premium Lounge at T4 before a flight.

Air Mauritius is the first carrier to operate both the A330-900neo and the A350-900. The Air Mauritius A330neo has 28 Business Class seats and 260 Economy Class seats.

Seat Map of Air Mauritius A330neo
Air Mauritius A330neo Business Class
Air Mauritius A330neo Business Class
Air Mauritius A330neo Economy Class
Air Mauritius A330neo Economy Class
Air Mauritius A330neo Economy Class
Cockpit of Air Mauritius A330-900neo

Air Mauritius Business Class

Business Class seats have direct aisle access and the seat goes fully flat. The seat is the same as on Thai Airways B777/A380 and on the Etihad B777/A330. The downside of the seat is that it is quite narrow. The better seats for privacy are the window seats (Rows 2,4,6) and also the middle pair seats.

Air Mauritius A330neo Business Class
Air Mauritius Business Class Comfort Kit

Dining Experience

After takeoff, canapes and drinks were offered; I tried out the Mauritius rum punch, it was very sweet.

It was followed by dinner. Starter was a mango salsa prawn. The main course choices were fish, lamb, poultry or vegetarian dish. I tried the fish dish but it was a bit dry and overcooked.

All the meals are representative of dishes from Mauritius, which has Indian, European and Chinese influences.

Air Mauritius A330neo Business Class starter
Air Mauritius A330neo Business Class starter
Air Mauritius A330neo Business Class main course
Air Mauritius A330neo Business Class main course

After the main course, the flight attendant came around to offer dessert which was comprised of fruit and a cheeseboard. The dinner concluded with port wine and and a choice of tea or coffee.

Air Mauritius A330neo Business Class dessert

In Economy there were also 3 choices, this consisted of lamb, chicken or a vegetable biryani. The meal also comes with a proper salad and a dessert.

IFE and Wi-Fi

The in-flight entertainment on the Air Mauritius A330neo was great, there were lot of movies and options. The internet packages ranged from $4.95 to $19.95, with a 300 MB maximum.

Flying on the A330neo

The flight time was nearly 11.5 hours, we flew in a Southeasterly direction via France, Italy, Greece, The Mediterranean, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and finally over the Indian Ocean to Mauritius.

After about 8 hours and at 39,000 ft, we saw the sunrise over the horizon of the Indian ocean. It was the most magical moment of the day; from the first beam, it took just 15 minutes or so to have the sun fully above the horizon.

Breakfast: Banana pancake

The pilots explained that the A330neo has a higher maximum takeoff weight and more efficient engine compared to the first generation A330 (A330ceo). Hence it can fly with a longer range. The fuel burn was about 6 tons per hour.

A330-30011,750 km / 6,350 nmi
A330-900neo13,334km / 7,200 nmi

Our flight landed in Mauritius on Runway 14, the weather was quite clear and sunny. After a short taxi, we arrived at the gate on-time. Watch the landing on the video here.

The Island of Mauritius
Air Mauritius A330neo landing into Mauritius
Air Mauritius A330neo cockpit
Air Mauritius A330neo
Air Mauritius A330neo


Air Mauritius is a solid African carrier, with one of the youngest fleets. The seat was a bit narrow, due to the width of A330, and the food was reflective of Mauritius cuisine. The A330neo was very quiet to fly in and the service was excellent.

How to get an Upgrade on Air Mauritius?

You can get an upgrade by bidding online here. You can also ask for a fixed price upgrade last minute at check in, subject to availability.