GoAir Airbus A320neo Lands on Grass
GoAir Airbus A320neo Lands on Grass

GoAir Airbus A320neo Lands on Grass

On November 11th 2019, a GoAir Airbus A320neo was in the final stages of its approach into Bangalore, India when the aircraft veered off the runway path and landed on grass.

The aircraft, registered VT-WGR, was performing flight G8-811 from Nagpur to Bangalore, with 180 passengers and crew on board when the incident occurred.

Just before touching down on runway 09 the aircraft veered to the left, resulting in the main landing gear making contact with soft ground and grass.

After holding at 8000 feet for 30 minutes, the pilots decided to divert to Hyderabad; first climbing to 28,000 feet, before landing safely 90 minutes after performing the go around.

Complicating matters, during the go around process, the number one engine stalled. The pilots reduced the power to the problematic engine and continued the go around.

During climb, the engine stalled again and the power was further reduced to idle. The aircraft performed the landing in Hyderabad with the engine in the climb detent, where it remained stable.

Upon landing the aircraft was greeted by ground staff, who identified a significant amount of mud covering the left main landing gear and parts of the undercarriage. The aircraft has been grounded for further inspection.

GoAir Airbus A320neo Lands on Grass
Landing gear with mud and grass evidence

Weather conditions in Bangalore were foggy, with low visibility because of it, METAR Data as follows:

  • COR VOBL 110200Z 07004KT 0050 R09/125 R27/175 FG BKN002 19/19 Q1016 NOSIG=
  • VOBL 110130Z 03003KT 0200 R09/1500 FG BKN002 19/19 Q1016 NOSIG=

India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) rated the occurrence as a serious incident and has since opened an investigation.

Investigators will be retrieving the flight data and cockpit voice recorders, to gain an understanding of the pilots’ communications and operating performance.

Information thanks to The Aviation Herald.