TARMAC Aerosave, an aircraft storage, maintenance and recycling company in Europe, has just completed the first A380 dismantling project; an operation that was announced a year ago. Additionally, TARMAC Aerosave announced they will perform a B Check on Airbus A380 in March 2020.

A380 Dismantling

We are very proud of these industrial successes, obtained with the largest airplane currently in service in the world.

Patrick Lecer, President of TARMAC Aerosave
A380 Dismantling

The A380 underwent eco-responsible services (cold-cutting, lubricating, draining and selective sorting) that recycle over 90% of the overall mass. Spare parts are thus now available on the pre-owned market. A second dismantling project is also underway.

A380 Dismantling

This Airbus A380 (MSN 003, previously registered as 9V-SKA) was previously operated by Singapore Airlines for 10 years. After retirement, it took 11 months for the team in Europe to remove all recyclable components.

Future Storages and Transitions

Since it is TARMAC Aerosave’s first time doing work on A380, other aircraft of this type are currently in storage and in transition. The French group is offering its hangars and parking areas, that have been specially built for the A380, on its site at Tarbes. The same capacity is being developed in Teruel, Spain. Maintaining them in operational conditions makes it possible for them to re-enter service at any moment.