LATAM Leave oneworld
LATAM Leave oneworld

LATAM to Leave oneworld in October 2020

Late September, Delta announced that they are investing $1.9 billion for a 20% stake in LATAM. At the time, LATAM were already determined to leave oneworld. Now, it seems like we finally have a specific timeline for when this will happen.

LATAM Leave oneworld

On Qantas’ Partner airline – LATAM page, there appears a note:

LATAM has given notice that they will exit oneworld on 1st October 2020. Until this date passengers will continue to receive the oneworld benefits associated with LATAM’s membership.

LATAM Leave oneworld

The leaving process is happening very soon, just over a year after Delta’s investment.

Airlines leaving an alliance usually keep some of their partnerships with old partners. For example, even after China Southern Airlines left SkyTeam, Delta SkyMiles members flying with China Southern can continue to earn miles.

While Qantas will end the partnership with LATAM leaving the alliance, we do not yet know whether other oneworld airlines will maintain the relationship in some form.

Delta Invest LATAM

After October 2020 LATAM is likely to form a close relationship with Delta, such as allowing flyers from both sides to earn and redeem miles, take advantage of reciprocal lounge access and priority boarding, etc.