Following sets of rumours that suggested a British Airways A350-1000 had been damaged during painting, Airbus has confirmed the incident and is now working to repair the aircraft.

Although Airbus hasn’t disclosed the nature of the incident, sources, in contact with Flight Global and circulating on social media, suggest scaffolding and work crew equipment that surrounds the aircraft in the paint hangar struck an exterior surface.

The extent of the damage remains unknown, however the manufacturer is working with British Airways to have the aircraft delivered some time in December.

British Airways says that Airbus is working to ensure the aircraft is fit for delivery as soon as possible, however they haven’t disclosed the nature of the incident either.

British Airways Airbus A350 Damaged During Painting
Airbus A350 painting process (Vietnam Airlines)

Scheduled to receive four A350-1000s this year, with two already delivered and the third already painted, the damaged aircraft is likely British Airways’ fourth frame, registered G-XWBD.

British Airways has 18 A350-1000s on order and has launched the aircraft on routes such as Dubai and Toroto. Over the winter, the airline is planning to fly the aircraft to Bangalore and Tel Aviv.