On December 18th Boeing delivered the last Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft built for airlines, with serial number 63624. This Boeing 737-800 aircraft was delivered to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines with registration number PH-BCL.

The aircraft flew directly from Boeing’s factory at Seattle to the airline’s base airport, Amsterdam, with flight number KLM9870.

From today, no more commercial Boeing 737NG will be built or delivered. From January 2020, production of all commercial Boeing 737 models will be suspended, for the first time in 53 years, because of the MAX accidents.

NTSB Boeing 737
NTSB Boeing 737

This does not mean that Boeing needs to shut down the whole production line, as there are still P-8s (the military version of 737) on order.

However, if Boeing cannot continue the MAX production before all P-8s are produced, and assume there are no more Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) orders coming, then all 737 productions are going to be suspended.