Taiwan’s new full service carrier STARLUX Airlines, a direct competitor of China Airlines and EVA Air, is now offering Status Match with a validity of 4 years. With zero commitments required, it is no brainer to do your Status Match, even if you have no plans to fly with them right now (by the time you need it, you may probably forgotten about this Status Match).

A Quick Introduction to Starlux Service

Similar to its direct competitor, Starlux is targeting at the upmarket. With 10 A321neos and 17 A350 on order, Starlux is now venturing into the regional market before reaching out to the longer haul sector.

Operating Routes:

Flights to Macau, Da Nang and Penang will begin on 23rd January, operated by 3 A321neo. Tickets are already on sale. A round-trip flight between TPE-PEN was (is) priced less than $1000.

Starlux Business Class and Economy Class:

Business Class
Economy Class

I believe these seats need no introduction, as they are used by many airlines as well. However, if you intend to try their Business Class product, these might interest you:

-Complimentary Wifi
-Complimentary meal (of course) and pre-flight meal orders.
-Checked baggage of 40kg
-Complimentary Seat Selection

Starlux Frequent Flyer Tiers – COSMILE

Starlux Status Match Details

Application Process:

  • This application is applied to high-tiers of other airline’s frequent flyer programs
  • Enrol as a COSMILE member first and can only be applied once
  • Fill in COSMILE OAL Member Card Tier Match Application Form and attach other airline’s valid member card copy and other airline’s flight record in recent year, then email to STARLUX Customer Service Centre (customerservice@cs.starlux-airlines.com) for application.
  • It will take 30 working days for verification, please wait for the reply from STARLUX Customer Service Agent

You may download the application form here.

Expected Outcome:

  • Before December 31st 2020, for those who submit the application, the validity of COSMILE card tier will be adjusted to 4 years after approval. As to the upgrade and renewal standards, please follow the terms and conditions of COSMILE
  • After January 1st 2021, for those who submit the application, the validity of applied COSMILE card tier, upgrade and renewal standards will follow the terms and conditions of COSMILE after approval

Good luck with this application! If you are one of the first to attain the status match, do tell us in the comments section below.