Earlier this week, Boeing Chief Executive Officer, Dennis Muilenburg, resigned as the 737 MAX crisis escalated into the new year. In the meantime, Boeing’s Board of Directors has named the current Chairman, David L. Calhoun, as new Chief Executive Officer and President. While he is still tackling the 737 MAX crisis, pressures from EU regulators about the Boeing and Embraer joint venture rises.

According to Reuters, European Union regulators are investigating the $4.2 billion tie-up; they have asked for more than 1.5 million pages of information and data, on over 20 years of sales campaigns.

Embraer E175-E2
Embraer E175-E2

The European Commission is worried that the major participants in the global aircraft market would reduce from three to two, after this deal.

Any delay or derailing of the transaction would be a further setback for Boeing.

The new CEO, David Calhoun, knows well about Embraer, from his former senior role at engine manufacturer General Electric, and is expected to push hard for the tie-up.

Boeing has agreed to acquire 80% of Embraer to compete with the Airbus’ Bombardier CSeries (now A220) deal.

Airbus A220 Tour has Qantas Interested
Airbus A220-300

US sources deny the deal would reduce the market from three to two manufacturers; saying that the mainline and regional markets are separate, even though Airbus has a foot on both sides.

The Commission and companies all declined to comment.