Just hours ago, passengers on WizzAir flight W67876 were evacuated via emergency slides. This flight was supposed to bound for Paris Beauvais Airport, but had to abort takeoff at Debrecen Airport in Hungary.

It was believed that a fire arose from the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). This may explain why passengers were seen evacuating only at the front of the aircraft. No one was injured in the incident.

At the point of writing, WizzAir did not release any media statement with regards to this incident to confirm the reported facts above.

Based on aeroinside records, WizzAir have 11 reported incidents in 2018 alone – some of which seem to be technical related problems.

Updates [09:36 GMT]:
According to the latest Hungarian media coverage, the airline has confirmed that there was no fire.

Following the incident, the airport fire department and maintenance personnel have thoroughly inspected the aircraft and confirmed that there was no fire. It was suspected that de-icing activities may have given a fake impression of fire smoke.

When the incident happened, airport fire brigades and police arrived at the scene within seconds and attempt to extinguish the “fire”. Police and airport staff were seen rushing the passengers away from the aircraft as well.