We are not to be used as crash test dummies” said Mr Serjit Singh, after Malaysia Airlines flight bound for Auckland aborted take off twice.

On 1st Jan, Malaysia Airlines MH145 scheduled to depart at 20:45 came to a sudden halt just before liftoff. The aircraft then taxied back to the tarmac.

Passengers were then held back for three hours before they were allowed to disembark and asked to return the next morning, to catch the 10:00 flight.

On the following day, Mr Singh noticed that he would be taking the same aircraft to Auckland. A cabin crew assured him that the aircraft was “in good condition and they would arrive in Auckland safely”.

Ironically, the aircraft came to a sudden stop again just before take-off. This incident got Mr Singh so pissed that he refused to return to the same plane again.

The rescheduled flight, MH145D, departed later on the same day at 15:04, with another aircraft. It was reported that the faulty aircraft was having a technical issue involving the aircraft system.

In Mr Singh’s video posted on New Zealand Herald, angry passengers were seen crowding around and arguing with staff at the boarding gate. You may click here to watch this video.