UPDATE: Bombardier E-11A Crashes in Afghanistan
UPDATE: Bombardier E-11A Crashes in Afghanistan

UPDATE: Bombardier E-11A Crashes in Afghanistan

A Bombardier Global Express E-11A Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) has crashed in the Sadozai area of the Deh Yak District near Ghanzi.

Initially believed to have been an Ariana Afghan Airlines Boeing 737-400, reports have since been adjusted based on more information becoming available.

Flightradar24 backed this up by correcting initial reports of the aircraft:

Video footage and photos of the aircraft confirms reports that the crashed aircraft was likely an Bombardier Global Express E-11A BACN, evident by its livery:

Reuters reports that a senior defence minister in Kabul says that no United States or NATO aircraft was involved in a crash; however The Military Times says that the United States Army is investigating the crash of an aircraft, in Taliban-controlled territory in Afghanistan.

The United States military is known for using the Bombardier E-11A for electronic surveillance over Afghanistan.

It remains unknown how many people are said to be involved in the accident, or what their condition may be.

We’ll update this article as more information becomes available.

Editors Note

The original article published was based on reports from reputable news agencies, such as Reuters and the BBC, and stated that an Ariana Afghan Airlines aircraft had crashed.

I provided updates to the article, however it is understood that the details were dubious. As more information became available, and the airline confirmed they weren’t involved, I determined it was best to start from scratch.

I will continue to provide the necessary updates and sources as information becomes available.