Star Alliance Status Match
Star Alliance Status Match

Star Alliance Gold Members Lounge Access Cut Down

Star Alliance recently made an update to its lounge access policy that potentially restrict lounge access for Star Alliance Gold Members. Going forward, member airlines within, the Star Alliance, are no longer required to offer lounge access to Star Alliance Gold members at airports where third party lounges are used.

To bring further clarity, if the following conditions below are satisfied, the Star Alliance member airlines that you are flying with have no obligation to offer you any lounge access (it is completely up to airlines discretion):

  • If you are Star Alliance Gold members
  • Your departing airport does not have any Star Alliance branded lounge or Star Alliance member airlines lounge
  • The Star Alliance member airlines you are flying with is partnering with third party lounge and your cabin class does not automatically provide you with any lounge access
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You are likely to fall into such situations at smaller or unpopular airports. Nevertheless, there is always a backup plan. Most countries should have travel credit cards which entitle you with free lounge access. Always remember to carry these lounge cards with you whenever you fly.

H/T: View From The Wing