Singapore Airlines and ANA has signed a partnership pact last Friday. Through this Joint Venture, customers will enjoy shorter layovers and greater flight connection opportunities; where both airlines will leverage on each other’s connectivity in their own hubs. Both airlines will be looking at ways to coordinate networks, flight schedules, capacity and fare pricing.

Targeted Markets In The Partnership

Singapore – Japan

Singapore Airlines currently operates 6x daily flight, while ANA currently operates 4x daily flights between Singapore and Tokyo.

Direct flights between Singapore and Tokyo

By taking a look at ANA‘s domestic network, it is clear to see how ANA can assist Singapore Airlines to expand its reach into Japan. Singapore Airlines (along with SilkAir) currently operates direct flights to Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya and Hiroshima only.

ANA domestic destinations. Source: Airlineroutemaps

Japan – Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Australia via Singapore

On the flip side, ANA does not have extensive reach to Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Australia. This is the area where Singapore Airlines (along with SilkAir) can help ANA fill the gap.

ANA destinations in India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia
Singapore Airlines and Silkair destinations in India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia

Putting these maps together, it is very easy to see how important this partnership is. By coordinating flight schedules in these 6 markets, especially between Singapore and Japan, both airlines may see an increase in traffic flows as a result of coordinated pricing, more connection opportunities and better layover timings.

Featured Image: CNA