British Airways Flight BA112 has set a new record, for being the fastest subsonic flight between New York JFK and London Heathrow yesterday (8th February). Thanks to the strong jet stream conditions across the Atlantic, this B747 flight landed 1 hr 38 mins ahead of the 06:25 scheduled arrival time.

According to Flighradar 24, the actual flight time for BA112 on 8th February was only 4 hrs 56 mins. The average flight time for this flight is 6 hrs 12 mins. During its journey to London, the flight has reached a top speed of 825mph (1,327km/h).

BA112 on 8th Feb. Source: Flightradar24

BA 112 was not the one fighting for this title yesterday. Virgin Atlantic Flight VS4 from New York JFK to London Heathrow completed its flight within 4 hrs 57 mins, just 1 minute behind BA 112. This flight was operated by a A350-1000.

VS4 on 8th Feb. Credit: Flightrader24

In addition, Virgin Atlantic Flight VS46 came in third place after BA112 and VS4; it completed its flight in 4 hrs 59 mins (3 minutes later). This flight was operated by a A350-1000.

VS46 on 8th Feb. Credit: Flightradar24

Previous Record: Norwegian Air DY7014 – 5 hrs 13 mins

Back in January 2018, Norweigan Air DY7014 from New York JFK to London Gatwick completed its flight in 5 hrs 13 mins. This flight was operated by B787-9. BA 112 stole Norweigan’s place for being the fastest transatlantic flight by being 14 mins faster.

Featured Image: BusinessTraveller