Air Italy Closure
Air Italy Closure

Air Italy To End Operation On 25th February

Following a shareholders meeting, Air Italy has officially announced that the airline will go into liquidation. All passengers who are booked on flights scheduled to depart after 25th February 2020 will be re-booked or fully refunded. There will be no change to all scheduled flights up to 25th February 2020.

What’s Going to Happen to Air Italy Passengers

You can find full details in Air Italy media release here. Below is the summary of the details:

If the scheduled flight falls on 11th February to 25th February

All scheduled flights (outward or return) up to 25th February, including the first domestic morning departure to Malpensa and international departure from Male and Dakar on 26th February, will be regularly operated. There will be no change to the flight schedule.

Passengers may choose to fly using their existing tickets or seek for a full ticket refund prior to their flight departure. The refund request should be made via this email ( or through their travel agency if their tickets are bought through them.

If the scheduled flight is set to depart by 25th February and to return after 25th February

The outward journey will be regularly operated. There will be no change to the flight schedule. For the return flight, passengers will be offered a travel option on the first available flight on another carrier. Details of the return flight will be provided from 18th February by calling the following numbers:

  • Italy 892928
  • Abroad +39078952682
  • USA +18663876359
  • Canada +18007461888
  • Contact travel agency if the tickets are bought through them

Passengers may also seek a refund for their unused flight segment, prior to flight departure, via email ( or through their travel agency if their tickets are not bought directly from the airline.

If the scheduled flight falls after 25th February

If passengers purchased directly via Air Italy website or Air Italy contact center, tickets will be fully refunded in a manner that will be provided via email or by requesting it via email (

For tickets booked through Air Italy ticketing office, passengers have to visit any Air Italy ticketing office to request a refund.

If tickets are purchased through travel agencies, passengers have to request a refund or a change of travel by contacting their travel agency.

Air Italy Closure

Qatar Airways Response

Air Italy started its operations in March 2018 after Qatar Airways bought a 49% stake from previous sole shareholder Alisarda (who now owns a 51% stake). Since then, Air Italy has operated domestically and internationally with their B737 and A330 aircraft. Although Qatar Airways has heavily supported Air Italy, the ride has been tough for the airline. Air Italy recorded around €200 million loss in 2019 and €160 million loss in 2018.

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In response to the closure of Air Italy, Qatar Airways seems to be very keen to keep Air Italy; but they did not receive the desired commitment from Alisarda. Qatar Airways said that they were “ready … to play their part in supporting the growth of the airline, but this would only have been possible with the commitment of all shareholders”.

In the media statement, Qatar Airways explained that they have “continuously provided all possible support to Air Italy right from the beginning, from releasing aircraft from our fleet and ordering new aircraft for Air Italy, to backing management choices and injecting capital and investment as required and permitted”.

You may find the full media statement from Qatar Airways here.