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Review: LAX The Private Suite (PS)

PS is a private luxury terminal serving commercial flights at LAX. It has just been rebranded from the Private Suite to PS. I was invited to try out their facility during my transit at LAX in January.

I arrived on United B737-900 from Las Vegas, a concierge and driver was waiting for me on the airbridge. They took my bags and escorted me down the stairs, straight into the waiting BMW limo on the ramp. The PS reservation agent stayed in touch with me prior, with all my flight info.

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LAX The Private Suite limo transfer
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LAX The Private Suite limo transfer
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LAX The Private Suite limo transfer

A couple of airlines in the US selectively transfer their high value frequent flyers with tight connection in their hub such as United (Global Service), Delta (Diamond Medallion) and American (Concierge Key). PS is a paid membership service that transfer members from plane to lounge (or vice versa) irrespective of the frequent flyer status or travel class.

We drove across the airfield to The Private Suite facility, which is located on the South side of the LAX airfield. It was a very comfortable and cool way to see all the planes taxiing around LAX.

If you're originating from LA, The Private Suite address is 6875 W Imperial Hwy, Los Angeles. You start your journey at this address and they will take care of the rest.

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Location of the Private Suite
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Once arrived at the Private Suite (PS) I was taken to Suite 13, the only suite with an outdoor garden. The Suite is like a hotel room, it fits 2 persons and it is entirely private without sharing with any other person.

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LAX PS Private Suite with outdoor garden

Each PS came with a fully loaded fridge with drinks, tea/coffee, champagne and wines. I ordered a wagyu steak salad from the menu. The wagyu steak was great but I would expect more hot food and finer dishes on the menu.

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LAX PS Private Suite Food and Beverage
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LAX PS Private Suite Food and Beverage
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LAX PS Private Suite Food and Beverage Menu

There are a good range of amenities provided in the Private Suite including chargers, cables, adapter, medicine, ear plugs and pillows. I was told members can take any or all of the amenities home.

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Before my flight, I was contacted and asked whether I would like to book for a massage or haircut. There are also manicures, car washes and other amenities on offer. I chose a 30 minutes massage in my Private Suite. They set up a full massage bed in the suite.

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Each PS comes with a private bathroom with additional toiletries and amenities. For a shower there is a separate member spa area outside the suite, which serves as a shower room.

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During my stay, I was also shown a bigger suite which has a conference room and living area.

a living room with a television and chairs

While I was relaxing in my suite, the concierge team took care of my onward boarding pass on British Airways to London. I was asked whether I would like to board early or late. There is also a private TSA screening in the Private Suite facility.

I was looking forward to ride the limo once again on the tarmac at LAX, before boarding my onward flight to London with British Airways. The concierge made sure everything was seamless and even carried my bag to the plane door.

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Private TSA screening of the PS
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Cost of PS The Private Suite

To use the facility by PS, you have to join the membership. The annual membership fee is $4,500. Members pay $3,150 one-way for up to four travellers to use the facility.

Is it really worth it?

$4,500 + $3,150 single use is a lot of money for most folks, including myself. It really depends on what you value of your convenience and privacy. I found the facility to be one of the best lounges in the US, but it could add extra luxury amenities such as full bedroom and finer food. The PS should benchmark itself above any airline First Class lounge offerings out there.

PS can potentially save a lot of hustle and bustle without going through the crowded terminals at LAX, for the discerning traveller. The PS concierge told me they're solidly booked, as lot of high net-worth individuals who values their privacy prefer the PS.

Video of The Private Suite (PS)