As first reported by Reuters on Tuesday (25th February), Korean Air has confirmed that one of their cabin crew has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

This cabin crew flew to Tel Aviv, and later to Los Angeles, before testing positive for the virus.

Although not confirmed, The Times of Israel reported that the cabin crew was on board a flight to Israel which carried approximate 200 South Korean pilgrims, many of whom were later diagnosed to have the virus.

Measures Taken by Korean Air

Korean Air has requested all personnel who have worked with the infected cabin crew to go into self-quarantine. At the same time, the airline is also disinfecting the aircraft and has temporarily shut down its Operation Centre in Incheon; where the cabin crew usually have their pre-flight meetings.

At present, Korean Air is offering refunds to passengers who are facing entry restriction due to COVID-19.

Although South Korea has the second-highest amount of reported cases, Korean Air is not refunding passengers who are booked onto flights to South Korea.