From now until the 31st March 2020, TAP Air Portugal is offering a status match for Skyteam, Oneworld and selected airlines. TAP Air Portugal is a member of Star Alliance, hence you will automatically receive both Star Alliance & TAP Miles&GO status at the same time.

Here are the details:

Members Eligible for Star Alliance Silver/TAP Miles&GO Silver Status

Members Eligible for Star Alliance Gold/TAP Miles&GO Gold Status

Status Validity

Your new Star Alliance/TAP Miles&GO status will be valid through 30th September 2020. You may choose to extend your status by meeting the following condition:

  • Earning 25,000 Status Miles (Gold);
  • Earning 10,000 Status Miles (Silver).

Status Benefits For Star Alliance Gold and Silver

You may click here to read the full details.

How to Participate in This Status Match

To participate in this status match, you either have to
i) join a paid “Club TAP Miles&GO” program, or
ii) purchase miles after joining their free “TAP Miles&GO” program.

During the application of the program, you will be submitting your details for a status match. For existing members who have joined the program since 1st January 2020, you can send an email to: Submission details can be found in the T&C here.

Cost For Joining “Club TAP Miles&Go” For Status Match

“Club TAP Miles&GO” program annual fees

The minimum fee for join “Club TAP Miles&GO” is $122 per year. This gives you extra bonus miles in contrast to the free ” TAP Miles&GO” program.

Cost for Buying Miles For Status Match

Cost of TAP miles

The minimum transaction is €70 ($78) for 8,000 miles, a one-time fee which is cheaper for the solo purpose of getting the status match.

Which Option Should You Go For?

Flight redemption using TAP miles is very high; it is not worthwhile collecting TAP miles. Hence I would recommend the cheapest option, which is to spend €70 ($78) to attain just 8,000 miles, as compared to paying $122 to join Club Basic.

By spending €70, you are entitled to Star Alliance benefits such as lounge access and other priority services, up to 30th September 2020.

One way Business Class Redemption Rates

Nevertheless, you should not continue to credit any miles to TAP Miles&GO program.