Embraer Contribute to Combat COVID-19 in Brazil

Embraer Contribute to Combat COVID-19 in Brazil

Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer started a partnership with companies and research centres, to increase the availability of equipment and solutions to combat COVID-19 in Brazil.

“The global health care system is facing an unprecedented scenario, and Embraer plans to apply its capacity during this moment of global collaboration and demand for effective and short-term solutions.”

In a statement, Embraer explained that this partnership includes the manufacturing of parts for the ventilator and respirator industry.

But also, the replacement of imported components for ventilators and studies for the development of simple, robust and portable respirators; aimed at rapid implementation and availability.

Embraer Contribute to Combat COVID-19 in Brazil

The aircraft maker also began a partnership with the Albert Einstein hospital located in São Paulo.

Embraer will provide technical support for the development of biological air filter systems for air-quality control, which can convert regular hospital beds into intensive care beds.

“Using highly efficient filters for absorbing air particles, already utilized in air conditioning systems on aircraft, the objective is to provide this solution to hospitals with immediate needs.”

Embraer say that they have a plan to start the production of parts next week, in response to the emerging demand for this type of equipment in the country.

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Right now around 487,000 people have been infected by COVID-19 worldwide, resulting in more than 22,000 deaths in 198 countries and territories. Brazil alone is reporting 2,554 cases and 59 deaths.