Comprehensive List of Airlines and Routes Still Operate
Comprehensive List of Airlines and Routes Still Operate

The coronavirus is spreading at unprecedented speed across the world, reaching over 660,000 cases at the time of writing. The airline industry has been one of the industries most impacted. Tens of airlines across the world are suspending operations, while tens of thousands of aircraft are now grounded.

This article will provide you with the most comprehensive information on which airlines are still operating. More importantly, we will let you know which routes of these airlines are still operating. Information has been updated as of 28th March 2020.

Qatar Airways

While many airlines are drastically reducing or completely suspending their services worldwide, amid the coronavirus crisis, Qatar Airways is doing just the opposite.

They have added 10,000 seats to their network as of 24th March.

Qatar has added flights to Paris, Perth and Dublin from Doha; they will be operating the Airbus A380 on services to Frankfurt, London Heathrow and Perth to increase capacity.

Qatar Airways is currently operating flights to 75 destinations, though this number may reduce as nations introduce tighter restrictions. The full list of destinations they operate to can be found here.

Qatar Airways announces retirement plans for Airbus A330s & A320s
Qatar Airways Airbus A380

Air China

The Chinese government recently required all airlines, operating Chinese flights, to only operate one destination in any country, also with the requirement to only operate one flight each week.

Below are the current international routes still operated by Air China:

RouteFlight Number
Beijing Capital = Los AngelesCA987/988
Beijing Capital = VancouverCA991/992
Beijing Capital = ParisCA933/934
Beijing Capital = CopenhagenCA877/878
Beijing Capital = WarsawCA737/738
Beijing Capital = MinskCA721/722
Beijing Capital = StockholmCA911/912
Beijing Capital = MoscowCA909/910
Beijing Capital = MadridCA907/908
Beijing Capital = ViennaCA841/842
Beijing Capital = AthensCA863/864
Beijing Capital = Seoul IncheonCA123/124
Beijing Capital = DubaiCA941/942
Beijing Capital = DelhiCA947/948
Beijing Capital = Islamabad = KarachiCA945/946
Beijing Capital = Phnom PenhCA745/746
Beijing Capital = YangonCA905/906
Shanghai Pudong = FrankfurtCA935/936
Shanghai Pudong = London HeathrowCA847/848
Shanghai Pudong = Tokyo NaritaCA929/930
Shanghai Pudong = BangkokCA805/806
Shanghai Pudong = SingaporeCA807/808
Chengdu = KathmanduCA437/438

Domestic flights are operating normally, without any large scale cancellations.

an airplane on the tarmac
Air China

China Eastern

The same policy applies to China Eastern. While the domestic flights are operating normally, the international ones are largely reduced.

Below are the current international routes still being operated by China Eastern:

RouteFlight Number
Shanghai Pudong = New York JFKMU587/588
Shanghai Pudong = TorontoMU207/208
Shanghai Pudong = London HeathrowMU551/552
Shanghai Pudong = AmsterdamMU771/772
Shanghai Pudong = ParisMU553/570
Shanghai Pudong = FrankfurtMU219/220
Shanghai Pudong = AucklandMU779/780
Shanghai Pudong = SydneyMU561/562
Shanghai Pudong = Seoul IncheonMU5041/5042
Shanghai Pudong = Tokyo NaritaMU523/524
Shanghai Pudong = DelhiMU563/564
Shanghai Pudong = Kuala LumpurFM885/886
Shanghai Pudong = BangkokMU541/542
Shanghai Pudong = BangkokFM833/834
Shanghai Pudong = ManilaMU211/212
Shanghai Pudong = SingaporeMU567/568
Shanghai Pudong = YangonMU2099/2100
Shanghai Pudong = ColomboMU231/232
Shanghai Pudong = Phnom PenhMU759/760
Kunming = DhakaMU2035/2036
China Eastern Diverted to JFK After Part of Spoiler Fell Off
China Eastern

China Southern

China Southern is the only airline in China that operates the Airbus A380. While they planned to ground them until May, because of the recent recovery of passenger numbers in China, the airline has brought them back into operation.

Below are the current international routes still being operated by China Southern:

RouteFlight Number
Guangzhou = Los AngelesCZ327/328
Guangzhou = VancouverCZ329/330
Guangzhou = ParisCZ347/348
Guangzhou = AmsterdamCZ307/328
Guangzhou = London HeathrowCZ303/304
Guangzhou = KathmanduCZ3067/3068
Guangzhou = AucklandCZ305/306
Guangzhou = SydneyCZ325/326
Guangzhou = DhakaCZ391/392
Guangzhou = Phnom PenhCZ323/324
Guangzhou = VientianeCZ6091/6092
Guangzhou = Kuala LumpurCZ365/366
Guangzhou = BangkokCZ3081/3082
Guangzhou = YangonCZ3055/2056
Guangzhou = SingaporeCZ3039/3040
Shenyang = Seoul IncheonCZ681/682
Shenyang = Tokyo NaritaCZ627/628
Urumqi = IslamabadCZ6007/6008
an airplane on the tarmac
China Southern Airbus A350

Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines has been facing a lot of trouble lately. However with the Hainan government stepping in, the airline has re-opened a lot of routes; however, these routes are mainly domestic. There are currently only two international routes left.

RouteFlight Number
Beijing Capital = VancouverHU7975/7976
Beijing Capital = BrusselsHU491/492
an airplane at an airport
Hainan Airlines Boeing 787

All Nippon Airways

Japan is also one of the countries that has been badly affected by COVID-19. ANA has announced a reduction in flights multiple times and are left with only a few international flights.

Their three Flying Honu Airbus A380 fleet has also been grounded.

Below are the current international routes still being operated by ANA, with a reduced schedule:

RouteFlight Number
Tokyo(Narita) = Shanghai(Pudong)NH919/NH920
Tokyo(Narita) = Hong KongNH1929/NH1930
Tokyo(Haneda) = Taipei(Songshan)NH851/NH852
Tokyo(Haneda) = BangkokNH847/NH850
Tokyo(Narita) = HanoiNH897/NH898
Tokyo(Narita) = Ho Chi Minh CityNH833/NH834
Tokyo(Narita) = Kuala LumpurNH815/NH816
Tokyo(Narita) = SingaporeNH801/NH802
Tokyo(Haneda) = DelhiNH837/NH838
Tokyo(Narita) = San FranciscoNH8/NH7
Tokyo(Narita) = New York(JFK)NH10/NH9
Tokyo(Haneda) = VancouverNH116/NH115
Tokyo(Narita) = Mexico CityNH180/NH179
Tokyo(Haneda) = LondonNH211/NH212
Tokyo(Haneda) = FrankfurtNH203/NH204

The domestic network has also shrunk heavily. Specific information can be found here.

a blue and white airplane with a face painted on it
ANA Airbus A380

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines, as the flag carrier of Japan, did not cut as many flights as ANA. However, as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been cancelled, the airline may well cancel more routes in the upcoming weeks.

Below are the current international routes still being operated by Japan Airlines, with a reduced schedule:

RouteFlight Number
Tokyo(Narita) = BostonJL8/JL7
Tokyo(Narita) = VancouverJL18/JL17
Tokyo(Haneda) = New York(JFK)JL6/JL5
Tokyo(Haneda) = ChicagoJL10/JL9
Tokyo(Haneda) = Los AngelesJL16/JL15
Osaka(Kansai) = Los AngelesJL60/JL69
Tokyo(Narita) = SeattleJL68/JL67
Tokyo(Narita) = San DiegoJL66/JL65
Tokyo(Haneda) = DallasJL12/JL11
Tokyo(Haneda) = San FranciscoJL2/JL1
Tokyo(Haneda) = LondonJL43/JL44
Tokyo(Haneda) = BangkokJL31/JL34
Tokyo(Haneda) = SingaporeJL37/JL36
Tokyo(Narita) = Kuala LumpurJL723/JL724
Tokyo(Narita) = JakartaJL725/JL726
Tokyo(Narita) = HanoiJL751/JL752
Tokyo(Narita) = Ho Chi MinhJL759/JL750
Tokyo(Narita) = ManilaJL741/JL742
Tokyo(Haneda) = HonoluluJL74/JL73
Tokyo(Narita) = DalianJL829/820

Additionally between 6th April and 19th April 2020, 2,450 domestic flights will be cancelled. Specific information can be found here.

a large white airplane at an airport
Japan Airlines Airbus A350


Aeroflot has been one of the great choices for passengers travelling from Europe to Asia and North America. Transiting in Moscow is easy and the fare is always competitive.

Even after the coronavirus outbreak, Aeroflot kept operating flights for a while. However, as Russia strengthened their entry and transit rules, most flights have been cancelled.

Below are the current international destinations still being operated by Aeroflot, with a reduced schedule:

New York

Aeroflot will continue operating the flights to Antalya, Baku, Lisbon, Los Angeles and Miami, to allow Russian citizens to return to Russia.

a large white airplane on a concrete surface
Aeroflot Airbus A350

American Airlines

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, US airlines have made massive cuts to their international network. American is not an exception.

Holding the largest aircraft fleet in the world, American now only flies 3 long-haul intercontinental routes.

Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) to London (LHR)One daily
Miami (MIA) to London (LHR)One daily
Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) to Tokyo (NRT)Three weekly

American will also suspend 60% of their domestic capacity in April, they are also planning to suspend up to 80% in May.

The most significant domestic change is the reduction in service to Hawaii in April. American has suspended operations into Kona (KOA), Lihue (LIH) and Maui (OGG). The airline will continue to operate one daily flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Honolulu (HNL).

American Cut International
American Airlines


For a long time United has been the largest US operator in the Asia-Pacific market. This has also become the worst market affected by COVID-19.

Currently United is only operating 5% of their international service, with only 6 long-haul intercontinental routes.

RouteFlight Number
Newark/New York – FrankfurtUA960/961
Newark/New York – LondonUA16/17
Newark/New York – Tel AvivUA90/91
Houston – Sao PauloUA62/63
San Francisco – Tokyo-NaritaUA837/838
San Francisco – SydneyUA863/870
United Delta Flights


Same as the other two US carriers, Delta has also made massive cuts to their international network. Now after the cuts, Delta is operating the most international routes among US airlines.

Below are the current long-haul intercontinental routes still being operated by Delta, with a reduced schedule:

Atlanta to AmsterdamOne daily
Atlanta to London-HeathrowOne daily
Detroit to AmsterdamOne daily
Atlanta to Tokyo-HanedaUp to five times per week
Detroit to Tokyo-HanedaUp to six times per week
Detroit to Seoul-IncheonUp to five times per week
Honolulu to Tokyo-HanedaReduced service
Honolulu to NagoyaReduced service
Honolulu to OsakaReduced service
Seattle to Tokyo-HanedaUp to seven times per week
Seattle to Seoul-IncheonUp to five times per week
Atlanta to São PauloOne daily

A list of other international flights, including the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada, can be found here.

A list of specific service suspensions and reductions can be found here.

Delta Boeing 767 Drops Escape Slide on Approach
Delta Boeing 767

Air Canada

Canada has not been affected by COVID-19 as severely as many other countries. However, Air Canada has also been heavily affected by the general decline of passenger numbers.

Below are the current long-haul intercontinental routes still operated by Air Canada, with a reduced schedule:

Montreal – Frankfurt4 flights per week
Montreal – London2 flights per week
Montreal – Paris3 flights per week from 1st to 5th April
7 flights per week from 6th to 30th April
Toronto – Frankfurt7 flights per week
Toronto – London7 flights per week
Vancouver – London4 flights per week
Vancouver – Hong Kong3 flights per week
Vancouver – Tokyo/Narita3 flights per week
Toronto – Barbados2 flights per week
Toronto – Mexico City4 flights per week

For other international flights still being operated by Air Canada, information can be found here.

Canada Passenger Rights
Air Canada

Korean Air

South Korea is also one of the countries that have been badly affected by COVID-19. Many low-cost carriers have struggled to survive and they are currently heavily relying on government aid.

Korean Air, the flag carrier of the country, only has a few remaining international flights.

RouteFlight Number
Incheon ↔ Los AngelesKE011/012
Incheon ↔ San FranciscoKE025/026
Incheon ↔ New YorkKE081/082
Incheon ↔ WashingtonKE093/094
Incheon ↔ AtlantaKE035/036
Incheon ↔ ChicagoKE037/038
Incheon ↔ ParisKE901/902
Incheon ↔ LondonKE907/908
Incheon ↔ BangkokKE651/652
Incheon ↔ Ho Chi Minh CityKE684
Incheon ↔ ManilaKE623/624
Incheon ↔ Phnom PenhKE689/690
Incheon ↔ ShenyangKE831/832
Incheon ↔ NaritaKE001/002

A full list of all suspended and reduced service flights, including domestic ones, can be found here.

COVID-19: Korean Air is Clinging for Survival
Korean Air


Asiana is experiencing the same as Korean Air. However, not being the flag carrier, Asiana was able to suspend even more routes.

Below are the only remaining three international routes Asiana is still operating:

RouteFlight Number
Incheon ↔ Phnom PenhOZ739/740
Incheon ↔ JakartaOZ761/762
Incheon ↔ ManilaOZ703/704

A full list of all suspended and reduced flights, including domestic ones, can be found here.

Asiana Airlines: Re-branding First Class to Business Suite
Asiana Business Suite

China Airlines

Taiwan was not affected by COVID-19 as much as many other places. The number of cancelled flights has been limited; most long-haul routes are still being operated.

According to Airlineroute, below are the current China Airlines long-haul international operations as of 11:00 GMT 26th March:

Taipei Taoyuan – Amsterdam2 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Brisbane2 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Frankfurt3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Los Angeles2 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Melbourne3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – New York JFK2 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Ontario2 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – San Francisco3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Sydney4 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Vancouver2 weekly

The above list does not include short-haul flights within Asia. Information regarding specific flights can be found here.

China Airlines receives final Airbus A350 with special livery
China Airlines Airbus A350


While China Airlines is still operating a lot of flights, EVA Air does not. There are only very few international services left.

According to Airlineroute, below are the current international and regional operations as of 10:30 GMT 26th March:

Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Bangkok – London Heathrow3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Fukuoka4 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Hanoi2 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Ho Chi Minh City3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Hong Kong3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Jakarta2 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Los Angeles3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Macau1 daily
Taipei Taoyuan – Manila4 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Osaka Kansai3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Paris CDG3-4 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Phnom Penh2 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – San Francisco4 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Seattle3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Seoul Incheon1 daily
Taipei Taoyuan – Tokyo Narita3 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Vancouver4 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Shanghai Pudong2 daily
Taipei Taoyuan – Beijing Capital4 weekly
Taipei Song Shan – Xiamen2 weekly
Taipei Taoyuan – Chengdu2 weekly
Kaohsiung – Shanghai Pudong3 weekly

Information regarding specific flights can be found here.

EVA Air receives their first Boeing 787 Dreamliner
EVA Boeing 787-9

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon have reduced their capacity by 96%, across their passenger network in April and May; this is in response to the severe drop in demand, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and multiple government travel restrictions.

Operating a bare skeleton passenger flight schedule, in the coming two months Cathay Pacific will be flying three times weekly to the following twelve destinations from Hong Kong:

London (Heathrow)
Los Angeles
Tokyo (Narita)
New Delhi
Ho Chi Minh City

Cathay Dragon will be operating three flights per week to Shanghai Pudong, Beijing Capital and Kuala Lumpur.

Cathay JFK YVR last flight
Cathay Pacific

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines will be cutting 96% of the capacity that had been originally scheduled up to end-April; given the further tightening of border controls around the world, over the last week to stem the COVID-19 outbreak.

This will result in the grounding of around 138 aircraft, out of a total fleet of 147, amid the greatest challenge that the airline has faced in its existence.

Below are the long-haul international routes that Singapore Airlines is still operating according to Airlineroute:

Singapore – Auckland3 weekly
Singapore – Brisbane4 weekly
Singapore – Johannesburg3 weekly
Singapore – Johannesburg – Cape Town1 daily
Singapore – London Heathrow1 daily
Singapore – Los Angeles1 daily
Singapore – Manchester5 weekly
Singapore – Melbourne1 daily
Singapore – Newark1 daily
Singapore – San Francisco10 weekly
Singapore – Seattle5 weekly
Singapore – Sydney7 weekly
Singapore – Tokyo Narita – Los Angeles1 daily
Singapore – Shanghai (Pudong)1 weekly
Singapore – Chongqing (SilkAir)1 weekly

The company’s low-cost unit, Scoot, will also be suspending most of their network, resulting in the grounding of 47 of their fleet of 49 aircraft.

Singapore Airlines Flight Cancellation
Singapore Airlines

Lufthansa Group

Europe is also one of the regions that has the most confirmed COVID-19 cases. Airlines in this area are struggling to survive. Lufthansa earlier announced that all ticket refunds have been postponed.

Lufthansa last week further revised their long-haul operations; as the airline’s April 2020 schedule sees only 7 routes being served, three times a week.

Newark (USA)
Chicago (USA)
Montreal (Canada)
Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Bangkok (Thailand)
Tokyo (Japan)
Johannesburg (South Africa)

From their hubs in Frankfurt and Munich, Lufthansa will still offer around 40 daily connections to the most important cities in Germany and Europe.

In addition to a substantially reduced short, and medium, haul timetable (48 services from Zurich) SWISS will in the future be offering three weekly long-haul flights to Newark (USA).

Eurowings flights focuses on the basic supply of the airports of Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Cologne.

Austrian, unfortunately, will temporarily be suspending all flight operations.

Lufthansa Cancel Flights


TAP Air Portugal in the last few weeks cancelled almost all of their operations. However, one international and three domestic routes were still in service. These are listed below:

Lisbon – London (LHR)4 weekly
Lisbon – Funchal (FNC)2 weekly
Lisbon – Ponta Delgada (PDL)2 weekly
Lisbon – Terceira (TER)1 weekly
TAP Air Portugal receives first Airbus A321LR
TAP Air Portugal


Finnair is still operating flights to a number of domestic and European cities. However, all intercontinental routes are suspended except one.

Below is where Finnair is still flying to, from Helsinki:

Oulu (Domestic)
Rovaniemi (Domestic)
Kuopio (Domestic)
Mariehamn (Domestic)
London (European)
Paris (European)
Frankfurt (European)
Zürich (European)
Berlin (European)
Amsterdam (European)
Brussels (European)
Munich (European)
Stockholm (European)
Tokyo (Intercontinental)

You can see the list of cancelled flights here (opens PDF document).

Finnair Cancels Flights

British Airways

With the United States extended their travel restrictions to the United Kingdom, the number of passengers on BA drastically declined. British Airways has suspended almost all their long-haul international flights.

Below are those still operating with, a reduced schedule, according to Airlineroute:

London Gatwick – Bermuda3 weekly
London Heathrow – Boston7 weekly
London Heathrow – Chicago O’Hare1 daily
London Heathrow – Hong Kong1 daily
London Heathrow – Mexico CityAlternating Days
London Heathrow – NairobiAlternating Days
London Heathrow – New York JFK14 weekly
London Heathrow – Riyadh4 weekly
London Heathrow – Seattle1 daily
London Heathrow – Seoul IncheonAlternating Days
London Heathrow – Singapore – Sydney1 daily
London Heathrow – Tel Aviv7 weekly
London Heathrow – Tokyo Haneda1 daily
London Heathrow – Washington Dulles1 daily
Fastest Transatlantic Flight
British Airways

Air France

Air France is currently only keeping: 7 destinations in France, 4 Overseas Departments destinations, 14 European destinations, 3 destinations in Africa, 4 destinations in North America, 2 destinations in South America and 1 destination in Asia in their network. All others have been suspended.

Bordeaux (Metropolitan France)
Lyon (Metropolitan France)
Marseille (Metropolitan France)
Montpellier (Metropolitan France)
Nantes (Metropolitan France)
Nice (Metropolitan France)
Toulouse (Metropolitan France)
Fort-de-de-France (Overseas Departments)
Pointe-à-Pitre (Overseas Departments)
Saint-Denis de La Réunion (Overseas Departments)
Cayenne (Overseas Departments)
Amsterdam (Europe)
Athens (Europe)
Barcelona (Europe)
Berlin (Europe)
Dublin (Europe)
Edinburgh (Europe)
Frankfurt (Europe)
Geneva (Europe)
Lisbon (Europe)
London (Europe)
Madrid (Europe)
Munich (Europe)
Stockholm (Europe)
Zurich (Europe)
Cotonou (Africa)
Dakar (Africa)
Abidjan (Africa)
New York (North America)
Los Angeles (North America)
Montreal (North America)
Mexico City (North America)
Rio de Janeiro (South America)
Sao Paulo (South America)
Tokyo (Asia)

You may check the current flight status here.

Air France A350
Air France A350


Due to the corona crisis, KLM will start the summer schedule with a significantly reduced network. From 29th March until and including 3rd May, KLM plans to fly to 25 intercontinental and 32 European destinations. During this period KLM will fly according to an adjusted schedule, which amounts to about 10 percent of their normal number of flights.

DestinationFrequency per week
Abu Dhabi/Muscat2
Sao Paulo2
Hong Kong3
Incheon (Seoul)3
New York JFK7
Kansai (Osaka)2
Los Angeles3
Mexico City3
Narita (Tokyo)2
Chicago O’Hare2
Panama City2
Total69 return flights

For Delhi, Dubai, Lima, Nairobi, Beijing and Taipei routes, KLM will operate as cargo only.

a blue and white airplane


Due to the coronavirus and the measures implemented by national authorities, the demand for air travel is essentially non-existent. SAS has therefore decided to put most of their operations on hold until the necessary prerequisites for commercial air traffic return.

Below are all the current routes still being operated by SAS, with a reduced schedule:

Copenhagen to Aalborg
Copenhagen to Aarhus
All destinations in Norway
All destinations in Sweden
Copenhagen to Stockholm
Copenhagen to Oslo
Stockholm to Oslo
Stockholm to Malaga
Stockholm to Helsinki
Stockholm to London Heathrow
Stockholm to Alicante
Stockholm to Las Palmas

You can find information regarding which of the flights that are planned to operate or are cancelled on the links here – View cancelled flights or View operating flights.

First SAS A350-900 Performs Maiden Flight
SAS A350-900


Oceania is currently not affected by COVID-19, as much as other countries. However the national carrier of Australia, Qantas, has still suspended all international flights.

Qantas will maintain essential domestic, regional and freight connections as much as possible. However, the airline will be suspending more than 60 percent of their domestic flying until the end of May 2020.

Specific information regarding domestic and regional schedule changes can be found here.

Qantas to Retire B747