Etihad Repatriation Flights
Etihad Repatriation Flights

Etihad Airways Launches Repatriation Flights

Etihad Airways resumed flights from Abu Dhabi to several key destinations and will continue to operate these routes for a specified period.


Further to the previously announced schedule of special passenger flights, Etihad Airways will also add additional flights from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne and Amsterdam.

Schedule of Repatriation Flights:

  • Abu Dhabi – Amsterdam (Flight EY77)
  • 4 return flights per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)
  • Effective: 11 April – 20 April
  • Abu Dhabi – Melbourne (Flight EY460)
  • 5 return flights per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday,)
  • Effective: 8 April – 21 April
  • Abu Dhabi – Seoul Incheon (Flight EY876)
  • 3 return flights per week (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)
  • Effective: 8 April – 19 April
  • Abu Dhabi – Singapore (Flight EY470)
  • 2 return flights per week (Tuesday and Saturday)
  • Effective: 7 April – 21 April
  • Abu Dhabi – Manila (Flight EY424)
  • 3 return flights per week (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday)
  • Effective: 8 April – 18 April
  • Abu Dhabi – Jakarta (Flight EY474)
  • 1 return flight per week (Thursday)
  • Effective: 9 April – 16 April

These special flights from Abu Dhabi will be available for booking through, the mobile app, by calling the Etihad Airways Contact Centre on +971 600 555 666 (UAE), or through a local or online travel agency.

UAE nationals wishing to return back to the UAE should contact their local UAE embassy or consulate.

a large airplane on a runway
Etihad has operated multiple repatriation flights in recent weeks. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

The flight to Seoul will be the first that Etihad will resume, following a two-week airport closure in Abu Dhabi which will expire later this week.

The flight will operate to attain three important goals for the United Arab Emirates:

Firstly, foreign citizens stranded in the UAE can return home, although it is thought that the flights will also aid citizens of other countries in the Asia-Pacific region to return home.

Secondly, the aircraft’s cargo-hold can be packed full of freight.

Thirdly, the UAE government has expressed a wish for its citizens overseas to return home; it is also thought that these Etihad flights will be able to repatriate UAE citizens home.

a plane on a runway
The flights will be operated by a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Following the reopening of UAE airports, Etihad has commented that they will look to immediately re-establish key routes, subject to governmental approval, such as Abu Dhabi to Melbourne, Manila, Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok and Amsterdam.

In recent days, Etihad has already operated sporadic repatriation flights to Australia, the USA and Russia.