Yesterday Airbus performed another humanity flight between China and Europe, using an A350-1000 test aircraft carrying millions of masks.

The A350-1000, with registration F-WMIL and flown by a flight-test crew, left Toulouse, France on April 3rd and arrived at the Airbus site in Tianjian, China on the next day after almost 10 hours of flight.

Airbus Beluga A350 Transport Masks
Airbus sent A350-1000 to Tianjin, China in transporting masks back to Europe.
COVID-19: A350-1000 Flew to China For Bring Masks to Europe
Airbus A350-1000 transporting medical supplies.

The aircraft flew to Hamburg, Germany on the same day carrying 4 million face masks. They will be distributed mainly to the governments of the Airbus home nations – France, Germany, Spain and the UK, in the fight against COVID-19.

“I would like to pay tribute to all the Airbus teams, globally, supporting the fight against COVID-19. They’re living our values in assisting those who are saving lives every day”

said Guillaume Faury, Airbus CEO

Airbus Beluga Special Cargo Flight

On April 2nd, Airbus Beluga (F-GSTA) performed a special flight between Toulouse and Hamburg. Instead of carrying aircraft parts, such as fuselage or wings, they transported a batch of face masks to be distributed to hospitals and health care facilities.

COVID-19: A350-1000 Flew to China For Bring Masks to Europe
Belgua A300-600ST was transpotting masks between Toulouse and Hamburg.

For help fighting against COVID-19 Airbus sites in Spain and Germany started the production of 3D printed visor frames. In Spain more than 20 3D printers are working day and night, hundreds of visors have already been produced and delivered to the hospitals.

Since March 22th Airbus performed multiple flights to China, with an A330-800 and an A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT). The manufacturer also deployed an A400M, to transport medical supplies between the European sites. More details of these flights on the next article: